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Jesus Christ alone is the Head of His Church (Col.1:18). He has ordained that individual Churches be governed by Himself through officers whom He appoints, who have been given by His Spirit gifts and graces needed to accomplish their work. It is our understanding that Christ has ordained that local churches be ruled by elders and served by deacons. Besides the offices of elder and deacon, the Scriptures acknowledge no other offices which continue in the church today (Phil. 1:11 Tim. 3:1-13).

We believe it not to be the norm for a single pastor to shepherd the church and see it as both unwise and unhealthy (see Acts 20:17). Therefore because this is a young church plant, the church is under the loving oversight of Heritage Baptist Church Johannesburg while we wait on God for gifted men to shepherd with pastor Riaan. 

Pastor Riaan Strydom

Riaan & Family

After graduating from Christ Seminary Polokwane in 2017, Riaan served as a full-time pastor at Klerksdorp Baptist Church in 2018 for 4 years. Together with Heritage Baptist Church Johannesburg, the two churches planted Heritage Baptist Church Potchefstroom in March 2021. Riaan sensed the Lord calling him to Potch and therefore moved to Potch to serve full-time there in July 2022.

Riaan is married to Deborah and has two beautiful boys (Jordan and Alekai), and enjoys spending time with people, counseling, and reading.