Join us sundays at 17:00

1.  How should I dress for services?

Comfortably. When it comes to dress, the only biblical directives are that we avoid immodesty and any effort to draw attention to ourselves. (I Tim. 2:8-10) Our focus is on God. His focus is on our hearts (I Sam. 16:7).

2.      What do you provide for children?

We have two cry rooms for nursing mothers. The children are worshipping with us in the main service time. 

3.      Who do I speak to at the service if I need information about something?

You can speak to one of the members of the welcoming team, usually at the door of the church. We also have a welcoming table for more information. 

4.      Will I be expected to say anything?

You don’t have to say anything. More than likely one of our people will come and greet you. You won’t have to put your hand up or stand in the service, we have no desire to embarrass you.

5.      How big is Heritage?

We are a young, growing church with about 50 people attending on a Sunday afternoon.

6.      Are there opportunities to serve?

Absolutely. There are always opportunities to serve and minister. Once you become a member, it’s just a matter of finding those areas of service that match your passion and gifts.

7.      Does your church have a small group ministry?

Yes, we do for more information please click here.

8.      Do you have a discipleship program for those who need to be mentored or matured?

As part of our philosophy of ministry anyone who desires to become a member goes through a discipleship course with a member of the church. These teachings go through the biblical instructions regarding the basics of the Christian faith (i.e. Salvation, assurance of faith, church discipline, membership, the local church, etc.)

9.      Is Heritage Baptist Church affiliated with any denomination?

Our desire is to fellowship with as many true churches and like-minded evangelistic organizations as possible. We love to see the image of Christ in other churches and ministries. Our conviction is that God’s people ought to hold firmly to their distinctives and still fellowship with others who believe the Bible is the infallible, authoritative Word of God and that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone. Currently, we are affiliated with the SOLA5 network of churches in Southern Africa.

10.  How do you become a member of Heritage?

Click here to see the process. 

11.  How hard is it to get access to a pastor?

About as hard as tugging on a shirt sleeve, sending an e-mail, WhatsApp, or dialing a ten-digit phone number. Our pastors long to know and serve you.

12.  When are your services?

Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm

13.  Where is your church building located?

We are meeting at 15 Hennie Bingle Street. Click here to go to the map.

14. I am a student at North-West University, how can I get to Heritage if I don't have a car?

If you need a lift please don't hesitate to contact us.